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Life is worth living. Life is worth living.

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That's why I always say "porn saves lives".
Long time follower, first time reviewer. Keep up the great work. I need more laughs.

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Fallen Angel - Preview Poster Fallen Angel - Preview Poster

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I knew you weren't dead. Earlier this week I checked if the forums were up again, will you get those up again? Great art, the next episode is a movie? And in 3D?!

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RobsH66 responds:

Thanks for the comment! The next episode will be animated completely in 3D. it's not a complete movie, per se - more of a short film. It'll be comparable in length to the first Fallen Angel animation, the "Teaser".

It's been a long-standing goal of mine to get the forums running again, but it has been a real struggle. My old forums were overrun by spammers and bots, and between school, work, and development of my next film I was simply unable to keep up with managing them. I had some people who volunteered and helped keep the forums running for a while, but they dropped off over the years and eventually I was left trying to manage the forums alone, which was a complete failure.

I am hoping to raise some money with the release of this newest film, and if I'm successful, part of it will go toward hiring someone to act as a moderator for some new forums.