Entry #11

Gorillaz 5/4 Uncensored Release!

2015-05-04 05:51:37 by frameslinger

Today is May 4, or 5/4. Please enjoy the UNCENSORED version of my fan-made music video for Gorillaz' 5/4!


Also available on youtube.



I leave it in project status because I don't think it is cool to have multiple versions of the same movie on Newgrounds. But you guys tell me what you think. Should I publish it?


Also, I know that the very first shot is censored, but that's how it is in the original storyboard. Sorry and shit.


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2015-05-04 19:21:40

Publish it so we can clog the portal with duplicate entries bwhahahah


2015-05-04 23:18:02

Whenever I do a music video I get so sick of the song I can't listen to it for the next five or six years. What was it like working on the same video so long?

frameslinger responds:

I thought that would happen to me, too. I've tried to make music videos before and I did get tired of some of those pretty quick but this song didn't grow old for me, not even a little bit.

Some of that is thanks to animating most of it without sound and syncing it up later.

Thanks for watching, emrox. Been great watching you improve your talent, keep it up.


2016-04-07 12:32:26

Who's the girl in the real life scenes?

frameslinger responds:

It's me.


2017-03-18 07:34:06

Fucking great man. You should publish this like a normal movie, this deserves all my 5 stars.

frameslinger responds:

Copyrighted music is no longer allowed on Newgrounds. That is why it has been taken down by Tom Fulp. Please watch it on Youtube instead. Thanks for watching!