Gorillaz music video teaser 3

2013-11-12 14:35:10 by frameslinger

The intro scene animations are 100% complete, yay!

Tell me if you like it or not. If you don't, please tell me how to improve.


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2013-11-12 14:48:56

okay cool.. the intro is kinda weird, gorillas aren't that R rated usually, but hey if you wanna go there great. Just explain it, for now its just random. The line drawing around the characters could be thinner, its a little too big right now. Very cool tho . Also try animating the people sideways or in different perspective views, it'll add more interest to the video. Good stuff keep up the work

frameslinger responds:

I'm animating it exactly as directed by the official animatic created by Jamie Hewlett. These shots are how they should be, including the poses, angles, and naked girl. The only thing that is up to me is the line width and colors. I did the lines like that because that's how they do it. Thick outlines with thin inner lines. The angles are more interesting later in the video. Just check out my other teasers or find the animatic and watch that.

Thank you for the comment.


2013-11-12 16:11:36

The color palette seems weird.

frameslinger responds:

Please give me more info. This alone is not helpful.

I very likely won't change them but it would be very useful to know what you mean by weird.


2013-11-12 16:43:14

Taking a long time now...

frameslinger responds:

Even if I finished by now I won't submit until March 26, 2014. That's the 13th anniversary of Gorillaz.


2013-11-12 18:20:42

someone finally did a 5/4 video based on the original storyboard of Jamie Hewlett's

when its done inform other Gorillaz fans and fans sites of gorillaz if you like and also check this person's stuff out you love her work if you are a fan of Gorillaz

(Updated ) frameslinger responds:

I have been spreading the news in a few different places. And I do know about Faderillaz, I hope to someday see what she thinks of my work.

That reminds me, I need to bring another fan video to your attention. This guy is a pro and he is doing the Rhinestone Eyes video. You will truly enjoy his work.



2013-11-12 20:28:54

The combinations of colors on the outfits just seem strange.

frameslinger responds:

Again, not very specific. If you mean Noodle's outfit, it's an outfit they have used before in a picture in their book. I didn't change anything, except maybe the hat, I don't remember.